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When you sign-up on Notch, we ask you for details that will help us match you with the most suitable professional for your practice interview. We're interested in what you've done and what you want to do. Specifically, we will ask for your education, work experience, desired industry, firm & postiion you are applying to.

5-7 mins

Get Matched

Our algorithm matches you with the most suitable interviewers

Based on the details you provide us, our algorithm matches you with professionals from your target industry and firm. We also take into consideration relative professional position, years of experience, geography, time-zones, past performance etc. to ensure that you practice with the most suitable interviewer.


Schedule Interview

Set date & time options for your interview & pay online

You can select up to 4 interviewers for a practice interview. Once you’ve selected your interviewers, you need to send them date & time options for your interview. Your interview is confirmed with the interviewer who responds first.This is also where you make an online payment. The amount on your card is blocked and you will be charged only after the interview is complete.

2 mins

Live Interview

Go online for your live interview

Get online for your interview at the scheduled date & time. This is designed to be like your real job interview, with someone who would be very similar to your real interviewer – so make sure you do your best. You will spend approximately 45 minutes on the interview.

45 mins (+ - 10 mins)

Get Feedback

Get honest feedback on your interview

With experience in your targeted industry and function, your interviewer has interviewed and recruited professionals like you and is ideally suited to give you honest and constructive feedback that will prove invaluable in your real job interview. They will give their feedback to you online at the end of the interview or via email after the interview.

15 mins (+ - 5 mins)

Practice with management consultants from top tier firms

6 types of questions to be prepared for in a consulting interview

Practical advice on the type of questions to expect in a consulting interview and how to prepare for them.

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The hours before your interview

4 things you can do before your interview to make sure you're making a good impression.

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Appreciate the feedback from a top consultant and will work on my areas of improvement to achieve my goals.
John Makoni, Zimbabwe

The interviewer was extremely helpful and gave me a real taste of what 2nd round interview at BCG would look like.
M. Tian, Booth School of Business, US

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