How long is a practice interview session?
All practice interview sessions are ˜1 hour long. 45 minutes of this is for the interview and 15 minutes for live feedback.


How far in advance do I need to schedule a practice interview?
All interviews are scheduled at last 48 hours in advance.  Last-minute requests are generally not accepted by interviewers, so it’s in your interest to schedule your interview at least a few days in advance.


What do I do if the interviewer does not show up at the scheduled time?We advise candidates to wait for around 15 minutes. In case you still do not hear from the interviewer, please reach out to us at team@notchinterview.com and we will re-schedule your interview with the same, or different interviewer for another date and time.


What if I want to change the interview date & time after it has been scheduled?
We allow for one change, which must be made up to 48-hours of the scheduled date and time. Do keep in mind that interviewers will have the option to decline this changed request, if they are not available. We do not allow any change in the interview schedule within 24 hours of the scheduled date and time.


How much does a practice interview cost?
Prices for practice interviews are set by interviewers and each practice interview is priced differently.


The prices for the interview are mentioned in USD, which is not the currency in my country. How do I pay?
All payments are made through Paypal. Paypal automatically converts prices from USD to your local currency.


What happens if the interviewers I send a request to have quoted different prices?
In this case, we will temporarily block the maximum amount quoted by the interviewers you have selected until an interviewer confirms. Once the interviewer confirms, we will only charge the amount associated with that individual. The remainder amount will be refunded to your account via PayPal.
So if you have 3 interviewers, USD 60, USD 70, USD 80 respectively, we will block USD 80. Say the USD 60 interviewer locks in your interview first, we will charge you USD 60 and refund the USD 20 to your account.


How is the practice interview session conducted?
As soon as your interview is accepted by the interviewer, we will send you an online chat link. Depending on yours and the interviewers’ preference, you will have the option to choose between just audio or both audio and video.


What kind of feedback can I expect from interviewers?Interviewers will give you verbal feedback at the end of your online practice interview session. You will also get a written feedback from them after the interview.